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Charles Alston by Herman.jpg
Identification on verso (handwritten and stamped): N.Y.C. Art Project W.P.A., Photographic Division, 110 King Street, New York City.

Employment and Activities poster for the Federal Art Project, presenting a breakdown of total employment based on statistics available November 1, 1936

Two Boys, Kahn G.jpg
Works Progress Administration (WPA) Art

Emancipation by Fish, G.G..jpg
Emancipation, a propaganda drawing depicting a female figure holding a scroll, surrounded by a male and a female slave, wrapped in the United States flag.

Negro Camp-meeting in the South. by Eytinge Soloman.jpg
Works Progress Administration (Art)

Girl with Blue Hair - Grambs, Blanche.jpg
Works Progress Administration (WPA) Art

Old Tales - Lurie, Nan.jpg
Works Progress Administration (WPA) Art

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